Saturday, November 12, 2011

Philosophy CFPs closing Shoppe...

Dear friends, readers, and supporters of Philosophy CfPs,

3 years ago, Wes Buckwalter and I had an idea for a site that would host Philosophy CfPs and event announcements in a clear and manageable form. People liked it, people used it, and eventually people who had the same idea, came up with a much better way to implement it.

We welcome PhilEvents and frankly we're glad other people will be doing the work from now on. Add them to your bookmarks. This page will remain up for 1 month. But I am hereby ordering contributors to cease posting new information, in order to facilitate people switching over to PhilEvents. On Dec 12 this url will disappear entirely.

Wes and I thank all of our contributors.

A.P. Taylor


Indigo Velvet said...

Would be very interested in taking over the site. You can e-mail me at jarrod at culturalconsultantsinternational dot com. Thanks!

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