Monday, September 5, 2011

2012 ISME Conference

Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2011

The 2012 International Society for Military Ethics Conference will be
held 24-27 January 2012 in Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, University of
San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110.

This year's theme will be "Civil-Military Relations and Social Issues
in the Military." Papers and proposals for panels or other program
segments consistent with this theme are welcomed.

In keeping with our usual practice, papers on any aspect of military
ethics or just war theory will be considered.

General submission guidelines

Please note the following guidance on submission deadlines. Proposals
are due 15 September 2011. Full working drafts of papers will be
favored over one-page proposals. Proposals or papers MUST contain the
author's name, institution, and contact information on the first
page; the contact information must include email address, command or
institutional affiliation, and telephone number. Once you are
notified that your proposal or draft has been accepted, you must
submit your full paper by 1 December 2011.

If you would like to make a presentation at the conference, please
submit a paper, a draft, an outline, or a proposal to Dr. Richard
Schoonhoven at the United States Military Academy by 15 September
2011. Submit your proposal as a word processor file in MS Word format
attached to an e-mail addressed to Dr. Schoonhoven
( Document file name should be author's
first and last name and brief paper title: e.g., John Smith: States,
Promises and Treaties.

We expect to be able to notify authors of presentations selected by
approximately 15 October 2011. Prior to the conference, the papers
will be published on the ISME Web Page, Disclaimer: ISME and the program chair assume no responsibility for
papers that are misdirected, lost in transmission, or otherwise not
received and acknowledged. Acknowledgement is by e-mail only. If you
prefer that your paper not be posted, please clearly inform us.

In order to provide adequate time for discussion of presentations,
each presenter should plan to be limited to 15 minutes. Please bear
this time limit in mind as you craft your papers.

ISME Information

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