Sunday, July 31, 2011

ISUD, Olympia, Greece, June 2012

International Society for Universal Dialogue

ISUD Ninth World Congress

Democratic Culture: Historical Reflections and Modern Transformations

22 – 27 June 2012
Olympia, Greece

The ISUD is an international association of philosophers and scholars
from a range of other disciplines devoted to promoting the discussion
of such fundamental issues as world peace, social justice, human
rights, and dialogical interrelations of diverse cultures. Through
this congress the Society hopes to stimulate philosophical reflection
and discussion on topics related to the central theme of dialogue
among cultures. Topics on philosophy of culture and politics,
democratic culture, cultural diversity and universality,
globalization, ethics of peace, social equality, justice, and harmony
are welcome, and so are respectively varied philosophical

Papers presented at the congress will be published in the ISUD bi-
annual proceedings under the title: OLYMPIAN DIALOGUES.

The deadline for abstracts is August 10, 2011. Please send a 300-500
words abstract in English by regular post or e-mail attachment in Word

Dr. Panos Eliopoulos
Pallantiou 44
22100 Tripoli

For more information on the congress please visit our web site:
It will provide the conference participants with details about
transportation and hotel reservations, as well as with a list of
additional cultural tours after the conference.


Zebite said...

Find a large collection of journals,call for papers and conference on the following link

Yaseen Abbas said...
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Yaseen Abbas said...

It will be a better chance to discover there culture; I got a chance with cultural tours in Pakistan for my e-paper article. I loved that place and hospitality.