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Freedom, Action, Politics - Graduate Conference

The Philosophy Graduate Students of Loyola University Chicago Invite Submissions to
The Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
Freedom, Action, Politics

September 9-10, 2011

Keynote Speakers:
Robert Pippin, University of Chicago
Diana Meyers, Loyola University Chicago

Conference website:

9/11 has ushered in an era marked by considerable shifts in the meanings, discourses and practices of freedom. What some view as liberation others see as occupation; what some view as freedom’s preservation others see as its undermining. These questions further exacerbate longstanding concerns about freedom and agency, including economic relations, civic participation and self-determination. What is the meaning of freedom? How does it relate to action? What is its political function?

The philosophy graduate students of Loyola University Chicago invite papers from a broad range of philosophical perspectives, from ancient to contemporary to discuss these issues. By inviting both continental and analytic approaches, we seek to portray a multifaceted picture of freedom, action and politics in our age. Suggested topics include:

* What constitutes a free act?
* What makes an action revolutionary?
* What is the goal of politics?
* Should all politics be in service of freedom?
* What are the conceptual boundaries of “freedom”?
* Whose freedom is at issue in “free market” and “free trade”?
* Where is freedom in the age of biopolitical control?
* What should politics of freedom be in a world of global interconnectedness?
* What metaphysical accounts of freedom have been provided in the history of philosophy?
* What are the religious accounts of freedom?
* How do sexual orientation, gender and race inform our understanding of freedom, action and politics?
* What are the contemporary rhetorical uses of “freedom”?


A $250 prize will be awarded for best conference paper


Three modest travel grants will be awarded to presenters coming from over 400 miles away from Chicago.


All submission should be sent for blind review by July 15th, 2011

Submission options:
● Full papers (up to 3000 words) with 100 words abstract
● Long abstract (500-800 words)
● While both submission options are welcome, priority will be given to full papers

NOTE: For consideration for the “Best Paper” prize, full paper must be submitted.

Electronic submission at (in .pdf and .doc formats) is encouraged.

Hard copies may be addressed to: Giancarlo Tarantino Loyola University Chicago, Crown Center, 3rd floor. 1032 West Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by July 31st, 2011.

For more information visit

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