Saturday, June 4, 2011

RoME 2011: Call for Commentators

Fourth Annual
Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
University of Colorado, Boulder
August 4-7, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
an international conference geared to offer the highest quality, highest altitude discussion of ethics, broadly conceived
Call For Commentators
The Center for Values and Social Policy in the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder is pleased to invite philosophers to comment on main program papers at the fourth annual RoME Congress. See our preliminary main conference program below for a list of selected papers. As we finalize this program, we will need to assign commentators to each paper. Ideally we’d like to match papers up with experts and critics. That’s where you come in.
Anyone with interest in attending the RoME conference is invited to submit a letter indicating their interest in commenting. Unfortunately, given the vagaries of scheduling, we will not be able to assign commentator slots to all who express interest, but instead will do our best to fill the ranks with qualified commentators.
Commentator Expression of Interest Deadline: June 15, 2011.
Please submit (1) a short expression of interest, (2) your AOS, and (3) your (short or long) CV, electronically (in Word format) to the organizers: Benjamin Hale (, Alastair Norcross (, Duncan Purves (, and Ryan Jenkins (
For organizational purposes, please specify in the subject line of your e-mail by writing the words “RoME CFC Reply.” We hope to notify all commentators by June 25.
Main Papers: 30 minutes or 4500 words, whichever is shorter
Comments: 10-15 minutes
Q&A: Remaining Time
Session Length: 75 minutes total
For more information and updates on RoME IV, please visit our website at:

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