Friday, May 13, 2011

Meaning, Society and Values (India)

TOPIC: Meaning, Society and Values
DATE: 28-30 December 2011
PLACE: Kolkata, India

ABSTRACT DUE: 31 May 2011
EMAIL TO: Chandana Chakrabarti <>

DATE OF PROPOSAL ACCEPTANCE: Week after the proposal is submitted


SUBTOPICS: Cognitive Meaning, Emotive Meaning, Suggestive Meaning, Myth & Metaphor, Meaning as Universal, Meaning as Form, Universal & Particular, Structure & Identity, Personal Identity, Reductionist View, Ethnic Identity & Culture, Society, Culture & Consumption, Politicizing Consumer Society & Culture, Social Identification, Dynamics of Group Culture, Ethnic Boundaries, Constructing & Deconstructing Ethnic Identity, Evolution of Society, Encountering Different Cultures, Indian Civilization & Society, Cultural Shock, Society & Effect of Colonization, Media & Society, Morality & Society, Rules of conduct, Taoist view on Morality, Enlightened Anarchy, Values in Confucius Ethics, Perfectionist & Situational Ethics, Spirituality & Modern age, Humanism & Positivism, Reductionist Approach to Moral Responsibility, Ethnic Identity & Culture, Cultural Anthropology, Society, Culture & Consumption, Politicizing Consumer Culture Archaeological Approaches to Society, Social Identification, Dynamics of Group Culture, Ethnic Boundaries, Evolution of Society, Asian Society & Culture, Cultural Shock, Civilization & Effect of Colonization in Social Structure, Cultural Transformation, Role of Culture & Religion, Cultural Meaning, Buddhism & Postmodernity, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhism & Philosophy of Deconstruction, Ethics of Modernity, Etc.

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS: Michael Allen (USA), Kisor Chakrabarti (USA), Linda
B. Elder (USA), Gordon Haist (USA), Elizabeth Koldzak (Poland), Maria
Marczewska (Poland), JoAnne Myers (USA), Eve Mullen (USA), Ming Shao
(China), Nancy Snow (USA), Tommi Lehtonen (Finland) Andrew Ward (UK), Mark
Wood (USA)

DIRECTOR: Chandana Chakrabarti

Papers from the Conference will be published subject to editorial review (Journal of International and Interdisciplinary Studies/Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion).

Please note that there will be trips to various historical, archaeological places before and after the conference.


Chandana Chakrabarti, Ph.D.
Dean of International students
Director of the Center for Spirituality, Ethics and Global Awareness
Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, West Virginia 26241, USA
Phone: 304-637-1293

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