Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Issue of The Monist: Experimental Philosophy

CFP: Special Issue of The Monist devoted to Experimental Philosophy

Deadline for Submissions: April 30, 2011

Advisory Editor: James Beebe, University at Buffalo (

In recent years an increasing number of philosophers have been utilizing the experimental methods of the cognitive and social sciences to test key empirical claims advanced in various areas of philosophical dispute. Much of the time these experiments have taken the form of philosophical thought experiments presented to ordinary subjects which test whether the responses elicited match philosophers' claims. A number of surprising findings have been made by experimental philosophers that seem to bear directly on debates in action theory, epistemology, ethics, folk psychology, metaphysics and philosophy of language. But the philosophical significance of these findings continues to be the subject of debate. Contributions are invited that present results of applying experimental methods to philosophical hypotheses or address the significance of these results and the methodological challenges posed by experimental philosophy.

Send submissions via email to the advisory editor, James Beebe (, in a format suitable for blind review.

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