Monday, April 11, 2011

Conceptual Content - History and Prospects

Conference date: 20-21st Sept. 2011
Conference location: University of Cambridge, U.K.
Abstract submission deadline: Midnight 15th April 2011

Graduate students are invited to submit abstracts of between 250 - 500 words for a major conference on conceptual and non-conceptual content. The conference aims, in particular, to bring together scholars working on the history of this topic with those engaged in the ongoing contemporary debate. We intend to construe the theme broadly, so as to include, but by no means to be limited to, issues such as: the connection between perception and judgment/inference, the relationship between the non-conceptual and the spatial/temporal, the significance of indexicals within the debate, the relevance of animal experience, the role of imagination and images, the status of the subconscious/ subpersonal/unconscious, and the question of the ‘given’. Proposals are sought EITHER on these and related topics OR on their history OR on both. With respect to historical proposals, we envisage that speakers would include, but again by no means be limited to, those with expertise in British Empiricism, in Kant, in German Idealism, in Phenomenology and in Analytic Philosophy.

Submitted abstracts, suitable for presentation within 25 minutes, should be sent in .doc or .pdf format to The file should include: (i) a title page giving name, affiliation and contact details; and (ii) an abstract formatted for blind review. Accommodation will be provided and registration costs covered for all graduate speakers but, unfortunately, we cannot cover their travel costs.

The current invited speaker list is as follows.

Prof. Lucy Allais (Sussex/Wits)
Prof. Alex Byrne (MIT)
Prof. Tim Crane (Cambridge)
Dr. Fiona Macpherson (Glasgow)
Prof. Hannah Ginsborg (Berkeley) [TBC]
Dr. Sacha Golob (Cambridge)
Prof. Robert Hanna (Colorado)
Dr. Peter Kail (Oxford)
Prof. Sean D. Kelly (Harvard)
Dr. Joseph Schear (Oxford)

All texts and any questions should be directed to

Conference Organisers
Prof. Tim Crane (Cambridge)
Dr. Sacha Golob (Cambridge)

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