Sunday, February 27, 2011

Church's Thesis: Logic, Mind and Nature

We invite contributions pertaining to issues which lie in the fields for which the CT is an important problem. Especially, but not exclusively, we invite contributions connected with:

(A) Perspectives on Church's Thesis

* history of the Church's Thesis
* Church's Thesis and Turing's Thesis
* pro and contra: arguments in the discussions concerning the CT
* status of CT

(B) Church's Thesis and Logic

* definition of the concept of algorithm
* attempts at formalizing the CT
* CT in constructivism
* CT in epistemic mathematics
* modal logics and the CT
* functional programming and the CT
* logical theory of concepts
* theory of definition

(C) Church's Thesis and the Mind

* cognitivist approaches to the mind
* quantum theories of the mind
* theories of concepts
* mind and computability

(D) Church's Thesis and Nature

* analog computations
* computations by physical systems
* biological models of computability
* hypercomputation and hypercomputers

Please send an abstract not exceeding 2 pages to not later than March 15, 2011. The authors will be notified about the acceptance of their papers within 2 weeks after submission.

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