Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brandeis Grad Conference 2011

Brandeis University Graduate Philosophy Conference 2011
The Varieties of Normative Experience
Keynote Speaker: Judith Thomson (M.I.T.)

We are looking for high-quality papers representing a plurality of philosophical perspectives that address the topic of normativity. Submissions may be in the fields of metaethics, normative/applied ethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, aesthetics, and philosophy of social science, among others.

Submission Deadline: January 20th, 2011
Keynote Address: Friday April 1st
Conference: Saturday April 2nd

Submission Guidelines: Papers should be no more than 12 pages double spaced with 12-point font (around 4000 words) and prepared for blind review. Please attach a separate cover page with the following information:

- Paper title
- Author’s name
- Author’s institution
- Author’s email address
- 200 word abstract

Please email your submissions (or questions) to with the subject heading “Conference Submission.”

Possible questions might include:
- Are normative principles necessary for self-determination?
- Is mental content normative?
- What is the relationship between intentionality and normativity?
- What are the normative aspects of epistemic justification and
- What are the semantics of normative utterances?
- Are we are obligated to praise that which is beautiful and condemn
that which is
- Are social norms reducible to non-normative fact?
- What is the relationship between social norms and ethical norms?

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