Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy

Open Court's Popular Culture and Philosophy book series ( is currently accepting Abstracts and Proposals for Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy, edited by Josef Steiff, for publication in late 2011. Your proposal can address any iteration of Sherlock Holmes, including works by creators other than Doyle, and use any approach that seems relevant or is exciting to you.

Our goal is to be first and foremost a book about Sherlock Holmes. To this end, we will use philosophy, literary theory and/or media theory with philosophical underpinnings as a tool to create a deeper and more thoughtful exploration and understanding of issues raised by Sherlock Holmes as a character or a narrative. You may examine a specific story or book, multiple stories or editions, any of the characters (major or minor), thematic or contextual analysis, works by other writers in which Holmes or Watson appear, even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself or any of the people who have adapted his material (most recently, Guy Ritchie).

We want to include analysis of short stories, novels, plays, movies, comics, anime as well as material inspired by (or making sly reference to) Sherlock Holmes (such as the TV series House or Monk).

Please submit your initial proposal or expression of interest to Josef Steiff at by August 15; query regarding late proposals after that date. Final drafts will be due February 2011.

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