Monday, August 30, 2010

Climate Science


Climate scientists Jeffrey Kiehl and Linda Mearns (National Center for Atmospheric Research) and philosopher of science Elisabeth Lloyd (Indiana University) are convening a session at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union focused on the evaluation and confirmation of climate models.

The meeting takes place in San Francisco on December 13-17, 2010. We are soliciting abstracts from interested philosophers, historians, and sociologists to complement the papers by climate scientists in the session. The topics of robustness, model intercomparison, inferences from multiple models, and methodology are currently being explored by philosophers of science, while ethics, confirmation, and Bayesian approaches are similarly being examined by the climate science community. Philosophers have long experience in analyzing inferences from models, some of which may be applicable to the climate models, while climate scientists have much to teach philosophers about the unique nature of climate models. We are soliciting abstracts on methodological issues surrounding the confirmation, evaluation, and interpretation of climate and integrated assessment models.

To submit an abstract for the session, please go to the abstract submission page:

The deadline is September 2nd 2010. Please address questions about the session to Elisabeth Lloyd, at

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