Sunday, July 25, 2010

German Idealism, Pacific APA

The Society for German Idealism will meet on 20-23 April 2011, in
conjunction with the Pacific APA, at the Hilton Bayview, San Diego. has information about the Pacific APA.

Papers must not exceed a length of 3000 words. Include the following nine items:

(1) word count -- 3000 words maximum!
(2) author's name
(3) academic status (professor, unaffiliated, graduate student)
(4) institutional affiliation (if any)
(5) mailing address
(6) email address
(7) telephone number
(8) the paper's title
(9) an abstract -- 100 words maximum!

Email a copy of your paper, as an attachment, in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) to Label your attachment as follows: YourLastName_YourFirstName -- for example, Hegel_Georg.doc

Papers must be received by SEPTEMBER 15.

Papers will be reviewed by a committee. Three papers will be selected for presentation, and each paper will have a commentator. Notification of acceptance will be made via email in October. Submissions whose authors cannot be contacted through email will be rejected. is the SGI's web site.

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