Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Series in Global Ethics and Politics

Call for Proposals: New Book Series in Global Ethics and Politics
Edited by Carol C. Gould, and published by Temple University Press

This new book series seeks to publish original authored works and occasional distinctive collections dealing with contemporary ethical issues raised by globalization and the new democratic forms of global governance that can contribute to the realization of justice and human rights. It will also feature books that take cross-cultural approaches to ethics and political norms or that examine the conditions for intercultural understanding and conflict resolution. The series aims to publish cutting edge academic research, as well as books useful for college courses and for the development of public policy.

The Editor, Prof. Carol Gould of Hunter College and the Graduate Center of CUNY, is working with an International Editorial Board drawn from the fields of philosophy and political theory to acquire important titles in the emerging fields of global ethics and politics, including books on transnational democracy, corporate social responsibility, global political ecology, alternative interpretations of human rights, global justice, and intercultural dialogue. Members of the international Editorial Board include Professors Bat-Ami Bar On, James Bohman, Deen Chatterjee, John Dryzek, Andreas Follesdal, Robert Goodin, Tim Hayward, Alistair Macleod, Jeff McMahan, Jin Y. Park, Fiona Robinson, and Kwasi Wiredu.

Please send book proposals to Prof. Gould at cgould@gc.cuny.edu.

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