Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AJOB Neuroscience

AJOB Neuroscience:

Now, I seek submissions from you, your colleagues, and your graduate students.

First, we are encouraging general submissions to the journal. Please consider submitting articles yourself or with collaborators, and please forward the attached call to your colleagues and graduate students.

Second, we are planning a special issue on the controversies around free will and agency in neuroscience. Please consider contributing to that special issue, and forwarding that special call to colleagues and graduate students. Letters of intent are due in July and the papers in August.

AJOB Neuroscience also includes Open Peer Commentaries, which are 800 word responses to the target articles. We encourage everyone, but especially graduate students, to consider submitting OPCs. Also, we are always looking for reviewers, another way graduate students can get involved. I very much want this journal to be a journal towards which neuroscientists feel an ownership, so please, write for us, comment for us, review for us! I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are the three CFPs:

Download 2-1 Call for Papers[1]

Download General Call For Papers[1]

Download AJOB-N Call for Papers FreeWill

Paul Root Wolpe
AJOB Neuroscience

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