Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6th Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium

Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium (CHiPS)
November 17-19

The broad theme for the sixth Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium (CHiPS)
will be ethics and applied ethics. While these are flourishing areas
in recent philosophy, we hope that, in keeping with the conception
inspiring these conversations from the beginning, we will be able to
bring together thinkers operating in and across different cultural and
philosophical traditions. We would also hope to see papers discussing
the impact of scientific enquiry on our conceptions of morality or
revealing the mutual illumination that moral philosophy and other
disciplines can provide when brought together. Proposals for thematic
workshops addressing live issues would also be particularly welcome.

CHiPS VI will be held in the third week of November to coincide with
UNESCO World Philosophy Day (this year November 18th ). The Symposium
will begin on Wednesday 17th and end on Friday 19th. While the
Symposium itself will mainly address the profession, we hope to
include activities that will carry philosophy to a wider audience.

In an effort to ensure well-prepared, quality presentations, abstracts
(300-500 words) are due by August 31, 2010. Participants whose
abstracts are accepted by the vetting committee will then be required
to submit their completed papers via email as an attachment in Open
Office, Word or Wordperfect by the firm deadline of October 4, 2010.
(These papers will then be posted on-line for other participants to
consult prior to the conference with the intention that time at the
Symposium can be devoted much more to discussion than to exposition of
the written papers.) We hope that revised papers will continue to be
available on-line: those from the earlier symposia can be accessed
from http://www.cavehill.uwi.edu/fhe/histphil/Philosophy/ChiPS/ .

Contact persons:

Dr Frederick Ochieng’-Odhiambo: frederick.ochieng-odhiambo@cavehill.uwi.edu
Mr Ed Brandon: edbrandon@gmail.com
Ms Roxanne Burton: roxanneeburton@gmail.com

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