Friday, May 28, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy
Mark Ralkowski, editor

Abstracts are sought for a collection of philosophical essays related
to HBO television series Curb Your Enthusiasm. This volume will be
published by Open Court Publishing as part of their successful Popular
Culture and Philosophy series.

Contributors are welcome to submit abstracts on any topic of
philosophical interest that pertains to Curb Your Enthusiasm. The
editor is especially interested in receiving submissions that engage
philosophical issues in Curb Your Enthusiasm in creative and non-
standard ways. See below for possible topics.

Contributor guidelines:
1. Abstract of paper (100-750 words)
2. Resume/CV for each author/coauthor of the paper
3. Submission deadline: July 1, 2010
4. Email submissions to the editor at

Possible topics:
1. Is Larry’s Examined Life Worth Living?
2. Cheryl David: An Ego for Larry’s Id
3. Is Jeff Living a Good Life or What Aristotle Would Call “a Life
Suitable for Cattle”?
4. Larry’s Advice to the Disabled: Maybe Equal Treatment Isn’t Such a
Good Thing
5. Sample Abusers, Bathroom Monitors, and Other Villains of the
6. No Tips for Hotel Employees, but Dinner for the Driver: Larry’s
Philosophy of Tipping
7. Roadside Memorials and Corpses: What Do We Owe the Dead?
8. Apologies, Favors, Gifts, and Kidney Donations: Larry’s Philosophy
of Obligation
9. He’s an Improver, Not an Inventor: Are These His Rules or Ours?
10. The Unknown Known: What Larry Helps Us See
11. Thong Swimsuits, Shrimp, and Other Reasons Not to Trust People
12. Judaism, Where Are You? Larry’s Philosophy of Religion
13. Are You His Caucasian? Race and Culture in Curb Your Enthusiasm
14. “I’m Better, but I’m Not Better”: Curb Your Enthusiasm and the
Philosophy of Language
15. Should We Curb Our Enthusiasm?
16. Death and the Afterlife in Curb Your Enthusiasm
17. Mezuzahs and Christ Nails: Does Anything Really Matter in Larry’s
18. “False Philanthropy and Faux Anonymity”: Sincerity and
Authenticity in Curb Your Enthusiasm

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