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New Projects in Chinese Philosophy

New Projects in Chinese Philosophy
Submission deadline: May 15, 2010

The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America [ACPA] Group Meeting at the APA Eastern meeting [Open CFP to Nonmembers]
December 27-30, 2010
Marriott/Westin-Copley Connection, Boston

Chinese philosophy maintains an indisputable importance for contemporary philosophical, cultural and historical studies. However, the development of Chinese philosophy calls for new and creative projects in order to engage with the contemporary world and address current philosophical issues. Robert Neville in his ‘New Projects in Chinese Philosophy’ (forthcoming, The Pluralist 5:2) suggests several new directions for Chinese philosophy. Welcoming other innovative projects in Chinese philosophy, we would like to use the following suggestions by Neville as a starting point in our call for papers. Papers should be restricted to 3,500 words.

1. How can Chinese philosophy address first-order philosophical issues of our own time directly and explicitly?
2. How do we read the history of Chinese philosophy with a new eye, not filtered through the lenses of attempts to find an authoritative past? What other thinkers or schools could contribute to the contemporary philosophical discourse?
3. What is portable from the Chinese past into present philosophical discussions? How do we rethink the portability of classical Chinese philosophy into the global context?
4. How can Chinese philosophy contribute to the contemporary discussion of cosmogony -- the arising of the cosmos?
5. How can Chinese philosophy contribute to the contemporary philosophical understanding of nature, given what science is showing us in the fruitful reductionistic ways of science?
6. How do we expand on the rich Chinese understanding of the function of ritual in society to the following aspects: the contemporary scientific discussion of human origins, the mutual engagement of the world cultures with their own philosophies, and the analysis of global moral and political issues?

Paper submissions and any inquiry concerning paper submissions should be sent to:
Professor JeeLoo Liu
Department of Philosophy
Humanities Building 311
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834

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