Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hocking-Cabot Seminar

The Hocking-Cabot Seminar
WHERE: The Shawnee National Forest, near Carbondale, Illinois
WHEN: July 12-16, 2010

ELLIGIBILITY: Scholars in early stages of their careers, i.e., person's
holding Ph.D.'s for less than ten years, and advanced graduate students
will also be considered. We seek philosophical /work/, but the Ph.D.
held (or sought) need not be in "philosophy" strictly interpreted.


The purpose of the Hocking-Cabot Seminar is to foster original
systematic philosophy. In recent decades, the trend in professional
philosophy has been toward increasingly specialized discussion of
minutely portioned problems, or endless scholarly commentary upon
figures long past. The Hocking-Cabot Seminar is designed to encourage
bolder, more comprehensive, more systematic, and more speculative projects.


Submit a one page (single-spaced) summary of your interest in systematic
philosophy, including your sense of the term "systematic philosophy,"
and your plans for developing such a philosophy. Include in this
proposal a separate abstract of 100 words for a paper, /to be written if
the proposal is accepted/, that will employ in original ways either the
philosophical and scientific ideas of *Jaakko Hintikka*, and/or the
philosophical, theological, and social thought of *Robert Cummings
Neville*. If your proposal and abstract are accepted, you will receive
general guidelines for writing the paper, but the paper will ultimately
be presented in a time period of 40 minutes at our seminar. Proposals
and abstracts should be sent as one document to

Please visit our website:


The ten best proposals will be accepted. These ten authors will receive
a *generous travel allowance* and have *all expenses paid* while
attending the five day Seminar, *led by Professors Hintikka and
Neville*, who will also present their own latest work. The discussions,
morning and afternoon, will be intense examinations of how the
Participants' current work may be furthered in original directions, with
an eye to their systematic development. Since Professors Neville and
Hintikka are among the best living systematic philosophers, our belief
is that others who share their temper and philosophical ambition will
benefit greatly from the opportunity to work closely with them and to
discover how a systematic philosophy is created.


A prominent publication of all the presented papers is expected, including
the papers of Hintikka and Neville.


The setting is the comfortable Little Grassy Lodge in the beautiful
Shawnee National Forest. The Lodge is part of a larger complex called "A
Touch of Nature," affiliated with Southern Illinois University,
Carbondale, which is the institutional host of the Hocking-Cabot Seminar. Excellent meals will be
provided, as well as generous free time and socializing time.


The Hocking-Cabot Seminar is sponsored by The Hocking-Cabot Fund for
Systematic Philosophy, established by Richard Hocking in memory of his
father William Ernest Hocking and godfather Richard Clarke Cabot. The
facilitators, organizers and hosts are Professors Randall Auxier and
Douglas Anderson of the Philosophy Department at Southern Illinois
University Carbondale.


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