Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call for Book Proposals - Social and Political Philosophy

The Editors of an ambitious new series on contemporary social and political issues welcome book proposals from suitably qualified individuals.

Think Now is a series of books which examines central contemporary social and political issues from a philosophical perspective. These books aim to be accessible, rather than overly technical, bringing philosophical rigour to the modern questions which matter the most to us.

The series, published by Continuum Press, includes discussions of terrorism, just war, climate change, digital justice, nanotechnology, animal rights, the built environment, trade and aid, and personal responsibility. A list of titles is appended.

Authors able to write on other topics of social and political interest should consider putting in a proposal. We would be glad to have proposals on specific issues attending racism, gender, medical ethics, poverty, debt, capital punishment, immigration, censorship, surveillance, and religion -- but any topic which might fit the series will certainly receive consideration.

We have a strong preference for humanistic, rather than overly technical writing as well as a desire for genuinely polemical philosophy. No doubt some books will offer overviews of current debates and established positions, but the books should carry the debates further. We hope authors will defend and articulate their own positions. The books should be provocative, should aim to stimulate public debate. There are already good reviews of Think Now books in the wider world, and some have been used in classrooms.

Please send a preliminary proposal, of no more than five pages, to the Editors, Jeremy Stangroom and James Garvey at The proposal should include a rationale for the book, a discussion of the topic and the approach being taken, a chapter outline and summary, as well as a list of books on nearby topics. Authors should also attach a cv at the end of the proposal. We will get in touch if we are able to take your proposal forward.

Many thanks,

Jeremy Stangroom and James Garvey

(All replies to please.)

The series includes:

Alexander Brown, Personal Responsibility: Why It Matters
Deane-Peter Baker, Just Warriors Inc
Nicholas Fotion, Boris Kashnikov, Joanne K. Lekea; Terrorism: The New World Disorder
Nicholas Fotion, War and Ethics: a New Just War Theory

James Garvey, The Ethics of Climate Change: Right and Wrong in a Warming World
Justine Johnstone, Digital Justice: Building the Good Information Society
Robert Kirkman, Ethics of the Built Environment: The Future of Our Built Environment
Donal P O'Mathuna, Nanoethics: Big Ethical Issues with Small Technology
Tony Milligan, Beyond Animal Rights
Chris Wraight, Ethics of Trade and Aid


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