Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tulane Fellowship Opportunities

Members of the Philosophy Department at Tulane University would like to remind professors and students of two sorts of fellowship opportunities associated with the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs (CEPA) at the Murphy at Tulane University.

First, the CEPA funds three to five faculty fellowships, which are especially good for advanced assistant professors and associate professors, but are open to faculty at any level. Recipients of these fellowships are given an office and a moderate stipend, have no teaching responsibilities, and participate in the Friday seminar program of the ethics center. Past recipients have enjoyed the collegial atmosphere of Tulane and New Orleans, and have had a highly productive research year at CEPA. Further information about this fellowship may be obtained at:

Questions about this fellowhip may be directed to Margaret Keenan at mkeenan@tulane.edu Please note that the due date for this fellowship is quite soon, on Dec. 8, 2009.

Second, for graduate students working in Ethics at Tulane University, the university adds to its normal stipend the opportunity for students to apply for an extra dissertation year in which the student receives a Murphy Institute graduate fellowship, has no teaching responsibilities, and is able to sponsor a visiting lecture by a scholar related to his or her research. In reconstruction since Hurricane Katrina, the Philosophy Department has added Alison Denham (formerly full time at Oxford), whose areas include moral psychology, legal ethics, and aesthetics, and David Shoemaker (formerly chair of the Philosophy Dept. at Bowling Green State University), whose areas include ethics and personal identity, moral responsibility, and contemporary moral theory. Other philosophers with a significant focus in ethics and political philosophy include Eric Mack (rights theory, Locke, contemporary political thought), Jonathan Riley (utilitarianism, contemporary political philosophy), Oliver Sensen (Kant’s ethics, freedom and responsibility), Bruce Brower (metaethics, contemporary contractarianism), Ronna Burger (ancient political philosophy and ethics) and Richard Velkley (modern political and social philosophy). Information about the gratudate program may be obtained at: http://www.tulane.edu/~phil/graduate/prospective.html

Questions may be directed to Bruce Brower at bbrower@tulane.edu The deadline for application to this graduate program is February 1 (2010).


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