Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kinesis - Graduate Student Journal

Kinesis occupies a unique position among scholarly journals in that it
is one of the few journals in the world that is run entirely by and
for graduate students. Kinesis strives for the highest level of
scholarship and we continue to hold the goal of publishing quality
graduate work as our highest aim.

Contributions in any area of philosophical investigation will be
considered, provided they establish the viability of the arguments and
conclusions of the author. Response articles concerning works
previously published in Kinesis are encouraged. All submissions should
be sent via email to or mailed via post to:

Department of Philosophy
Southern Illinois University
Mailcode 4505
Carbondale, IL 62901-4328

Emailed submissions should be saved in Microsoft Word format or rich
text Format and prepared for blind review. The author’s name should
not appear anywhere in the main document. Please provide a second
file with a cover sheet containing the author’s contact information
and institutional affiliation. Submissions mailed via post should
include a compact disk with the submission saved in Microsoft Word
format or rich text format and prepared for blind review and three
paper copies of the submission also prepared for blind review. Any
submissions that have been published elsewhere or are under
consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered for
publication in Kinesis.

Additionally, Kinesis has recent books in philosophy available for
review by graduate students. Kinesis takes pride in publishing high
quality book reviews from the perspective of Graduate students.
Anyone is interested in writing a book review should send an e-mail to to inquire about books available for review.

Sarah Woolwine
Editor and Chief

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