Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Philo: A Journal of Philosophy

Philo: A Journal of Philosophy
Paul Draper, Editor

Philo: A Journal of Philosophy is devoted to philosophical inquiry about naturalism. During an era when so many affirm naturalism yet disagree over its specific meanings and merits, this one journal is a devoted forum for naturalism’s defenders and critics. Philo seeks submissions that try to articulate what naturalism may be, that defend or challenge various forms of naturalism, and that develop naturalistic approaches to philosophical problems of all sorts.

Philo quickly became a respected peer-reviewed journal under past editors Keith Parsons and Quentin Smith. Now in its twelfth year with the current editorial leadership of Paul Draper (Purdue), the acceptance rate has dropped to 17% and decision times are averaging less than two months. Philo is also a great bargain. Institutions can subscribe for three years and pay only 45 USD per year. For individuals, the price is 35 USD per year or 78 USD for three years.

If you have something to say about metaphysical or scientific or epistemological or methodological naturalism, please submit papers and subscribe to Philo. And if you do nothing else, please take the time to recommend that your university library subscribe to it. The future of naturalism—well, the future of Philo, anyways—is in your hands.

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