Saturday, February 21, 2009


August 6-10, 2009

Derby Hall, The University of Nottingham, England

CALL FOR PAPERS has full details of the Conference

Papers in any area or discipline are welcome, so long as their themes relate
to the ideas and concepts of persons, personhood, and personality as a
philosophical, theological, psychological, social, political, historical,
creative or linguistic topics.

Papers must not exceed a length of 3000 words and should be prepared for
blind review. In the e-mail sent with the submission, we require the
following eight items:

* word count - 3000 words maximum
* author¹s name
* academic status (professor, unaffiliated, graduate student)
* institutional affiliation (if any)
* mailing address
* e-mail address
* the paper¹s title
* an abstract - 200 words maximum

Submission deadline is MAY 1, 2009.

Abstracts will be accepted on that date, with full texts of paper due by
July 1.

All submissions which do not include items 2-8 (if only abstract is being
submitted) will be disqualified. Word count is due when full paper is
submitted. No more than one submission by the same author will be
considered. Email as an attachment a copy of your paper and/or abstract in
rich text format to:

Papers and/or abstracts will be reviewed by a committee. Notification of
acceptance will be made via email in late May.

Each paper will have a commentator. Those interested in commenting should
send a note to by May 15 of availability and areas of interest.
Authors whose papers are accepted will be expected to serve as commentators
if asked. Copies of papers will be available July 1. E-mails of authors
will also be available for purposes of sending your commentary in advance of
the conference.



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