Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy

The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy is a bilingual
academic publication produced twice a year, in electronic format. The
goal of the Journal is to foster intellectual discussion and exchange
ideas to promote education for democratic citizenship across the

Although priority is given to authors and topics from countries of the
Americas, articles that address experiences in other nations are
accepted if they are illustrative and contribute to current debate on
issues in the Americas. The publication is a plural forum that
diffuses knowledge on a wide array of topics, disciplines, theoretical
perspectives, and methodologies in the field of citizenship education
for democracy and related fields, such as intercultural education,
human rights education, peace education, gender equity education, and

The Journal is affiliated with the Inter-American Program on Education
for Democratic Values and Practices, of the Organization of American
States (OAS). The first edition was hosted by Indiana University, in
the United States, with the support of the University of Toronto,
Canada, and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

General Editor: Bradley A.U. Levinson,
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University, USA

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