Monday, February 2, 2009

"Disorderly Conduct" Conference (Waterloo, Canada)

Interdisciplinary Conference

July 24-26, 2009
Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Steven Angelides, Department of Women’s Studies, Monash University

The conference, "Disorderly Conduct" will bring together scholars from
around the world and from such disciplines as sociology, philosophy,
health studies, history, women's studies, and medicine to explore and
problematize the notion of a "disorder". The conference seeks to
bring front-line medical and mental health personnel who treat various
"disorders" together with humanities, social science and health and
disability studies scholars who work (in one way or another) on
theoretical questions related both to specific "disorders" and to the
notion of a disorder simpliciter.

In workshops and symposia, conference participants will engage questions like the following: What, if any, are the downsides of being diagnosed with a disorder?
Does the concept of a disorder provide treatment advantages or
disadvantages? Are there other advantanges or disadvantages that it
incurs – besides those related to the treatment itself – for those
diagnosed with a disorder? Can we reasonably expect to avoid problems
of stigmatization and marginalization by turning to a medicalized
language of disorder to apprehend and explain embodied difference?

Submission Details:

Conference organizers kindly invite submissions from scholars and
health (physical and mental) professionals in all disciplines.
Submissions from all scholarly traditions and from all theoretical/
methodological approaches are welcome. Abstracts (500 words), papers
(2500 words, 20 minute papers for delivery in 30 minute time slots),
symposium proposals, workshop proposals, and roundtable discussion
proposals will be considered. Proposals for symposia should include
the names and affiliations of all participants and their papers or
abstracts. Authors submitting abstracts should be prepared to submit
final versions of their papers to the conference organizers by June
30. All submissions will be anonymously reviewed; names should appear
only on a cover page, and cover pages should be attached in a separate
file. Authors’ names or other identifying information should be
removed from the properties of files before submission. Authors
should indicate on their title pages if they wish to have their
submissions considered for inclusion in the published proceedings of
the conference. All submissions should be emailed to both Morgan
Holmes at mholmes at wlu dot ca and Shannon Dea at sjdea at uwaterloo
dot ca by midnight February 27, 2009. Authors should expect to know
the decision of the program committee by around March 1, 2009.

Authors might consider submitting a proposal concerning one of the
following (but should not feel confined by what is merely intended as
a suggestive list):

- What relationship (if any) holds between the concepts, diagnosis and
treatment of gender identity disorder and disorders of sexual
- What lessons should the editors of the inchoate DSM V take from the
- Is old age treated as a disorder? Should it be?
- What role does "big pharma" play in the identification of various
- Does our current notion of a disorder adequately reflect our
understanding of the social determinants of health?
- In what ways is the language of 'disorder' open to deployment and/or
interrogation by post-structuralist or analytic ethicists?

Conference organizers are currently seeking federal funding to support
this conference. Contingent upon their success, they may be able to
financially assist speakers with their travel and accommodations

More Info:

For more information on "Disorderly Conduct," see the conference
website at:

or search for "Disorderly Conduct" on Facebook.

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