Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Acknowledgements

Happy New Year to our readers! We want to thank you all for making Philosophy CFPs a successful project so far. On the right hand side you will see information about how you can join us as a contributor. We have about 94 spots for contributors open and running this side is a time consuming task that would get easier with more help for our peers. Please think about joining us, it's free and (mostly) painless.

We at Philosophy CFPs would like to thank Brian Leiter for his encourgement and for promoting interest our blog on his own excellent philosophy blog Leiter Reports and helping us make an immediate impact with over 13,000 hits in just 3 months (that's more than 140 per day).

Also we'd like to thank Fritz Alhoff, who runs the US-based Philosophy Updates listserv and website, and Stephen Clark who runs the UK-based Philos-L listserv. While our intention has never been to compete with either of these fine listservs, we feel we owe them a debt for the excellent work they have done in providing everyone up to the minute information about upcoming events.

I hope our readers will continue to use and enjoy the Blog in the new year. All the best.

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