Monday, January 19, 2009

Leiden Workshop: Too Funky

Leiden Institute of Philosophy
with support from Netherlands Organisation for Scientific research
"Too Funky: an international workshop with special focus on sympathy and emanation"
April 10-11, 2009

This is a final call for paper proposals. Invited speakers include Christia Mercer ( Columbia University ), who will speak on “Sympathy as a Core Ingredient in Early Modern Philosophy: Leibniz and Conway,” Dale Jacquette ( Bern ), who will speak on ' Newton 's Non-Causal Concept of Emanent Effect'," Marton Stone (Leuven) TBA, and Paul Ziche ( Utrecht ), who will speak on "Causal chains and geometrical unification - Schelling on explanation and construction." (In addition, Christia Mercer will give a Zeno lecture "Leibniz and Spinoza on Epistemological Optimism" in Leiden on Thursday, April 9.)

After the resounding success of "Funky Causation" (that is, the first annual Leiden-Duke workshop hosted in Leiden in September 2008) this workshop welcomes abstracts for papers on funky cause(s), especially emanation and sympathy. We are especially eager to receive paper-proposals that connect Early Modern concepts to Ancient, Hellenistic or Medieval approaches. (Note: 'funky' is used in technical sense to exclude final causes and 'Humean'-efficient causes.)

Abstracts (no more than 500 words) prepared for blind review should be mailed to Eric Schliesser ( by January 19. Inquiries can be directed to same address.

Note: Apologies for posting so late.


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