Monday, January 26, 2009

Goldberg Award Nomination Call

The Brian Michael Goldberg Memorial Award

Graduate students: Please be advised of the Goldberg Award for the best graduate student paper at the North American Computing and Philosophy Conference this year (to be held at Indiana University, Bloomington, June 14-16).

The impact of research in Computational Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Formal Models of Learning, and Agent-based Simulations on the discipline of Philosophy has been profound. Contemporary discussions of epistemology, ethics, theory of mind, and philosophy of language have all benefited from lively, interdisciplinary debates over the relation between computational and formal models, and traditional philosophical questions. These debates have found their way into scholarly publications and textbooks, as well as into a growing number of Masters and Ph.D. theses.

In order to recognize outstanding achievements by Graduate Students in this area of research and scholarship, the International Association for Computing and Philosophy is proud to offer the "Brian Michael Goldberg Memorial Award" for presentations in any category listed above. This Award, which carries a $500 USD stipend, will be presented each year at one of the North American Computing and Philosophy conferences. Nominees and applicants are welcome from around the world.

The department of philosophy at Carnegie Mellon is the sponsor of this award and will serve as the site for submissions. The department will establish an international committee to review applications and, in conjunction with NA-CAP, will announce the yearly winner. Each year's winner will be expected to make a presentation at a NA-CAP conference as part of the Award Ceremony.


Submissions are due on the same date as the regular submission deadline for North American CAP Conferences (Feb 1st, 2009).

A complete submission consists of the following:

* Presentation (length should be appropriate for a one-hour presentation)
* Presentation abstract, including your name and gradute program (200 words)
* Email sent to with the above two items as attachements.
The Subject should be "Goldberg Award yourLastName".
The Body should consist of your full name, graduate program, and a copy of the paper abstract.

Both documents should be in Microsoft Word or PDF format and composed in English. Be advised that CAP discourages mere paper reading during the presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Mara Harrell at mharrell [at]

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