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CFP due Mar15 Epistemology, Context and Formalism in Nancy, France


International Workshop
November 12-14 2009
Université Nancy 2, Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines


Johan van Benthem (ILLC, Amsterdam)
John Hawthorne (University of Oxford)
Vincent Hendricks (Roskilde University)
Hans Kamp (Universität Stuttgart)
Richmond Thomason (University of Michigan)
Crispin Wright (Arché, The University of St Andrews)


The purpose of the workshop is to tighten and strengthen the connexions
between current researches bearing on issues at one of these intersections:

* Context and Epistemology. In the last decades epistemology has seen a
major “linguistic turn”, through the increased reliance, in contemporary
debates, on syntactic, semantic and pragmatic “evidence” about ordinary
(uses of) linguistic constructions in terms of “know”, most notably as a
result of the flourishing discussions over the epistemological relevance of
various notions of context (of inquiry, of attribution, of assessment, etc.).

* Epistemology and Logic. In addition to its “linguistic turn”
epistemology has also seen a “logical turn”, through the recently revived
and rising conviction that discussions in mainstream epistemology may
benefit from formal epistemology (epistemic logic, formal learning theory,
belief revision, and so on) which, however, has had close to nothing to say
about context (modulo a few exceptions).

* Logic and Context. While well-known approaches to context can be found
in natural language semantics and pragmatics, the only logics of context
properly speaking are to be found in theoretical computer science where,
however, the main logical treatments of context owe nothing or so to
philosophy (again, modulo a few exceptions).

The workshop is thus intended as an occasion to bring together researchers
working on either one of the above pairs of topics or at the intersection of
the three topics. The workshop will set the stage for a projected volume of
collected papers dedicated to the topic(s).


We now invite submissions of proposals for 45 minute talks in English (30
minutes for presentation, 15 minutes for discussion). Each submission should
consist of a two-page abstract, including references, prepared for blind-
refeering (first name, last name, affiliation and status on a separate cover
page, no identifying reference in the abstract itself), sent by email in
DOC, RTF, or PDF format to the following address:

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. All submissions will
be blind-refereed. The closing date for submission is March 15, 2009.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by April 30, 2009.


LHSP -- Archives H. Poincaré (UMR 7117), Nancy-Université (Université Nancy
2), MSH de Lorraine (USR 3261, DiaRaFor Project)

Organizers: Manuel Rebuschi (LHSP-AHP) & Franck Lihoreau (IFL-Universidade
Nova de Lisboa)


Denis Bonnay (Paris 1)
Paul Egré (Paris)
Pascal Engel (Genčve)
Paul Gochet (Ličge)
Gerhard Heinzmann (Nancy 2)
Hans Kamp (Stuttgart)
Roger Pouivet (Nancy 2)
Shahid Rahman (Lille 3)
Helge Rückert (Mannheim)
Richmond Thomason (Michigan)
Claudine Tiercelin (Paris 12)


Yannick Chin
Jules-Henri Greber
Franck Lihoreau
Michel Musiol
Manuel Rebuschi
Marion Renauld
Fabien Schang.


March 15: deadline for submission of abstracts
April 30: notification of acceptance
May 31: final version of abstracts
November 12-14: workshop


Please write to, or visit the workshop webpage
(regularly updated):


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS
Région Lorraine
Université Nancy 2
MSH de Lorraine

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