Monday, January 26, 2009

Caribbean Philosophical Association (2009 Meeting-Miami)

The Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA)
Theme: Shifting the Geography of Reason: Migrations and Diasporas

The Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) invites proposals from
scholars in any discipline who aim to "shift the geography of reason"
by exploring critical, theoretical, and creative questions about or
relating to the Caribbean, its Diaspora, and the "global south" more
generally, including the South in the North. We particularly welcome
North-South and South-South intersections and/or dialogues. The theme
for this meeting deals with migrations and diaspora. While proposals
dealing with the broader organizing theme of the CPA ('shifting the
geography of reason") will be welcome, the organizers are especially
interested in presentations and panels that highlight questions about
space, traveling, national and transnational communities, gender and
sexuality, and issues of race and identity across migrations and
diasporas not only in the Caribbean, but globally. We accept proposals
in English, French, and Spanish.

Submission Instructions:

Send submissions for panels and abstracts of individual presentations
by February 15, 2009, by email to Abstracts
should succinctly state the problem(s) addressed and identify the
sources used in one paragraph to one page per individual presentation.
All titles must include the name of the presenter, the highest
university degree obtained, and the current institutional affiliation,
if any. We will review proposals in English, French, and Spanish and
will create panels for presentations in those three languages. All
presenters will be asked to pay conference fees, and in most cases,
membership to the association as well. The conditions for membership
and the fees for this year will be announced soon and are expected to
be no more than most professional associations in the United States.

Panel presentations must include a description of the panel as well as
title and abstracts of individual presentations and the basic
biographical information (as listed above) of each presenter. The
maximum of presenters per panel is four, in addition to a moderator.
The fourth panelist could be a presenter or a commentator.

The CPA offers two prizes every year:
the Frantz Fanon prize for outstanding book on Caribbean philosophy, and the Nicolás Guillén prize for outstanding literary book.

More Important Details:

More details are on the CFP Flyer (PDF).


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