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Toronto Graduate Conference

The University of Toronto Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Invites submissions on the topic

*Action, Agency and Explanation*

May 8-9, 2009

Keynote Speaker: John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh

Understanding human agents and explaining how and why they act as they
do have been, throughout the history of philosophy, central projects in
areas ranging from metaphysics and epistemology to moral and political
theory. Recent interest in explaining action in terms of one's
membership in a form of life and one's situation in a set of practices
has brought the topic of action once more to the forefront of
philosophical discussion.

The philosophy graduate students at the University of Toronto invite
papers from all areas of philosophy that deal critically with issues of
action and agency. Examples of fruitful topics may include free will,
intention, desire, motivation, moral choice, activism, and decision
theory. We especially welcome papers that attempt to connect diverse
traditions and distant areas in the history of philosophy, as well as
those that attempt to bridge philosophy with related fields, such as
literature, cognitive psychology, biology and religion.

The deadline for submissions is JANUARY 5, 2009. Submissions should be
sent as an email attachment to>. Submitted papers should not
exceed 4000 words (30 min.) and must be prepared for blind review. In a
separate attachment, include your name, academic affiliation, email
address, and an abstract of no more than 200 words. Responses will be
sent by February 15, 2009. Limited travel stipends are available and
exceptional papers will earn full reasonable travel funding.

For more information, please visit

Action, Agency and Explanation is presented by the Graduate Philosophy
Student Union of the University of Toronto, in conjunction with the
Department of Philosophy.

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