Sunday, December 7, 2008

SPP 2009!

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology
June 12-14, 2009
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

We invite submissions to the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Philosophy
and Psychology. Papers may be submitted for oral presentation during contributed
sessions or for poster presentation. Submitted papers are refereed and selected
on the basis of quality and relevance to philosophy, psychology and other
sciences of the mind. Papers must not exceed a length of 3,500 words and should
be accompanied by an abstract (of less than 300 words). Submitted papers that
are not accepted for colloquia will automatically be considered for presentation
as posters (unless the author stipulates otherwise).

We will also accept abstracts of not more than 1000 words for consideration as
poster presentations.

Papers and abstracts must be written in a format appropriate for blind review
and employ gender-neutral language. Individual authors may submit only one paper
or abstract as first author, though they may be co-authors on other submissions.

This year's submission deadline is February 2nd, 2009.

All submissions will be made using our online submission system. Submission
will open January 3. Check the website for details.

Invited speakers for the 2009 meeting include: Colin Allen, William Bechtel,
Denise Cummins, Susan Gelman, Tamar Gendler, Robert Goldstone, Scott Kelso, Ruth
Millikan, Robert Richardson, Adina Roskies, Daniel Simons, Linda Smith, Peter
Todd, Virginia Valian, Michael Weisberg, Robert Wilson, and William Wimsatt

On topics including: Complex Systems, Evolution at 150, and Implicit &
Explicit Beliefs

This year’s conference will be preceded on June 11th by a workshop in Animal
Neuroethics, featuring talks by Colin Allen, Martha Farah, Valerie Hardcastle,
Adrienne Martin, Adina Roskies and Adam Shriver.

For more information about the SPP conference and workshop, please consult the

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