Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Red Sox and Philosophy

Call for Abstracts

For forthcoming Red Sox and Philosophy book as part of

Open Court Press Pop Culture and Philosophy Series.

We are looking for scholarly philosophical essays written for a lay audience to be included in Red Sox and Philosophy, to be published by Open Court Press.
All essays dealing with Red Sox baseball including, but not limited to, recent and historical teams, front office, players, coaches, and fans will be considered. Papers on the following topics will be given special consideration:
-Essays pertaining to the 1946, 1967, 1975, or 1986 Red Sox Teams

-Essays on the Red Sox identity both pre- and post-2004

-Issues in Faith and Redemption

-The Curse of the Bambino and superstition

-Fenway Park and philosophy of architecture

-Stoicism and the Red Sox

-Eastern Philosophy and the Red Sox

-Ethics of Retired Numbers and Legacy

-Ted Williams and the philosophy of hitting

-The “pink hat” phenomena and feminism (Both pro and con)

-The ethics of ticket resale companies (Again, both pro and con)

-Red Sox and aesthetic philosophy

-The Yankee fans’ perspective on the Red Sox (That’s right! Any Yankee fans interested?)
Please send an Abstract and CV for consideration to Michael Macomber:

Deadline for abstracts is January 15th 2009.
If your abstract is selected you will be notified by February 1st 2009. If selected, deadline for 1st Draft (roughly12-18 pages, double-spaced) would be May 31st 2009. And final revisions would be due by August 31st 2009.

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