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International Merleau-Ponty Circle (34th Annual Conference)

International Merleau-Ponty Circle 34th Annual Conference
Mississippi State University School of Architecture October 1-3, 2009
The Experience and Expression of Space

Keynote Speakers
Steven Holl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steven Holl Architects, New York
Suzanne Cataldi . . . . . . Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Helen Fielding . . . . . . The University of Western Ontario, London
Alberto Pérez-Gómez . . . . . . . . . McGill University, Montreal

Panel Discussion: Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy by Lawrence Hass
Panelists: Dorothea Olkowski, Jonathan Singer

Panel Discussion: The Experience and Expression of Space
Panelists: Steven Holl, Suzanne Cataldi, Helen Fielding, Alberto Pérez-Gómez
Commentary on Steven Holl: Hugh Silverman

Interdisciplinary by design, the 2009 meeting is co-organized by Rachel McCann (School of Architecture, MSU) and Patricia Locke (St. John’s College, Annapolis). We welcome papers investigating all aspects of spatial experience and expression. Music,
dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, and embodied daily experience are all expressions that are illuminated by this central theme in Merleau-Ponty’s thought. See other side of this sheet for questions in play.

Submit your completed paper (maximum 4,000 words/30 minutes
reading time) with a 100-150 word abstract. Graduate students who wish to be considered for the annual M. C. Dillon Memorial Lecture, an honor and monetary award for the best graduate student submission, should indicate this in their cover letters. Submit materials to the address below. Submissions by email attachment (pdf) are preferred. Hardcopy must be submitted in triplicate, to the MSU address.

DEADLINE for submissions: APRIL 15, 2009

Rachel McCann (, Patricia M. Locke (
Merleau-Ponty Conference Organizers Mississippi State University School of Architecture P. O. Box AQ Mississippi State MS 39762



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