Monday, December 1, 2008

CFP: Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium (Spring 2009)

Spring 2009 Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium
to be held on the Public Reason website (

The deadline for the has been extended until Friday 19 December.

Each week for the duration of the symposium, a podcast of a paper in
political philosophy will be hosted on the website, along with
comments from a responder. The aim of the symposium is to create a
regular forum for conference-like presentations that is accessible to
every academic in the world, and which does not present any
significant logistical impediments to participation.

If you would like to present a paper in the symposium, please submit
a 300-500 word abstract of a paper, in a pdf file and prepared for
blind review, to admin at by Friday 19 December
2009. An independent committee of members of the website will choose
between the abstracts. Abstracts for papers in all areas of political
philosophy and political theory are welcome.

Those who submit an abstract commit themselves to having a full draft
of the paper ready by 19 January 2009, so we can get the papers out
to people to comment as soon as possible. Please also include a CV if
you would be willing to comment on someone else’s paper. Even if you
don’t want to submit a proposal, but would be interested in
commenting, please send a CV along, with your interests and areas of
expertise clearly stated. Graduate students are also welcome to
submit abstracts.


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