Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SUNY Buffalo Grad Conference on Rudder-Baker **Extended Deadline**

Friday April 24, 2009

University at Buffalo

Call for Papers

In her 2007 release, The Metaphysics of Everyday Life: An Essay on Practical Realism, Baker states, “Reality comprises everything there is. It is not the province solely of specialists, but is well known to all. Everything is part of it: the gardener and her tulips, the prisoner and his chains, the cook and his food processor are all real things that should be included in a complete account of what there is. The aim of The Metaphysics of Everyday Life is to present a theory that focuses on the familiar objects that we encounter every day – flowers, people, houses, and so on – and locates them irreducibly in reality.” (p.3) According to Baker, persons, bacteria, monkeys, mountains and computers are fundamentally different kinds of things—all constituted by, but not identical to, their aggregates of particles.

Submissions should focus on metaphysical themes found in the work of Lynne Rudder Baker. This topic should be construed broadly and may among other things include:

Constitution Artifacts

Non-Reductive Causation/ Mereology

Vagueness/ Temporal Ontology

Three Dimensionalism

Personal Identity/ Free Will

A list of Professor Baker’s writings is available here: http://www-unix.oit.umass.edu/%7Elrb/

Submissions should be (i) no more than 4500 words in length (suitable for a thirty-five minute presentation), (ii) suitable for blind review (no identifying marks), and (iii) accompanied by a title page including the following:

a. Paper Title b. Author’s Name c. Academic Status and affiliation d. Contact Information (preferably e-mail)

Please send electronic copies in Word or PDF format (or requests for infromation to Cathy Uhlman at: cende [at] buffalo [dot] edu or A.P. Taylor at aptaylor [at] gmail [dot] com Please make sure to write “Baker Conference Submission” in the subject-line).

*NEW* Submission Deadline: Feb 1st 2009. (accepted papers will be notified by Feb 15, 2009)

For Information, Please Contact Cathy Ullman or Adam Taylor.

*N.B.: This conference is being held in association with a professional conference on themes from the work of Lynne Rudder Baker taking place on Saturday April 25, 2009 at UB.

Additional speakers at the Saturday conference include Harold Noonan (Nottingham), Amie Thomasson (U Miami), Crawford Elder (U Conn), Roberta De Monticielli (Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele), Derek Pereboom (Cornell University), and Brian Garrett (McMaster University).

Sponsors: SUNY Buffalo Graduate Philosophical Association; SUNY at Buffalo Philosophy Department; C.S. Peirce Professorship in American Philosophy.


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