Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Journal: Review Of Symbolic Logic

Historians of Analytic Philosophy

Please allow me to draw your attention to the range of coverage of the new journal from the Association of Symbolic Logic: The Review of Symbolic Logic. (Please note my final paragraph in particular.)

The Review of Symbolic Logic is a newly established publication of the ASL, designed to publish research papers in:

Philosophical logic and its applications
History and philosophy of logic
Philosophy and methodology of mathematics

The first heading covers all areas of philosophical logic, non-classical, and algebraic logic, plus applications of these logics in such areas as computer science, linguistics, game theory and decision theory, formal epistemology, and cognitive science. The second is intended to include the history of philosophy of logic (an area understood as overlapping substantially with what’s often called ‘history of analytic philosophy’). In addition to the philosophy of mathematics, the third also covers methodological studies of mathematical practice, past and present.

As one of the editors responsible for the areas of history of analytic philosophy and history and philosophy of logic, I’d like to emphasize that the journal takes a liberal view of these categories and would particularly welcome submissions towards the history of analytic end of the spectrum. I might also mention that the Review goes out to all individuals in the Association as a benefit of membership, so it has a comparatively large circulation.

Ian Proops

Co-editor, The Review of Symbolic Logic

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Ian said...

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Coordinating Editor at rsl@uci.edu. Electronic submission is encouraged: send an e-message with the manuscript attached in pdf format. The body of the e-message should include the title of the paper, the authors, its length in pages, and a clear-text copy of the abstract; authors are encouraged to indicate which editor they would prefer to have handle their papers. Any method of producing the pdf is fine, but LaTeX is recommended as it can be used for typesetting the final paper. Alternatively, two hard copies of the paper can be sent to the Coordinating Editor: Aldo Antonelli, Editor, Review of Symbolic Logic, One Shields Avenue, Department of Philosophy, University of California, Davis, CA 95616-8673, USA.

Authors who prefer blind refereeing are invited to prepare their papers accordingly.

A pdf file of a published paper will be provided to its author(s).

--Ian Proops