Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Science & Religion Research Symposium
Keynote speaker: Ronald Giere (Minnesota)

11/21 - 11/22

The Center for Inquiry Transnational is sponsoring a Research
Symposium on the subject of
Science & Religion on November 21 and 22. We are seeking
abstracts for blind review that
deal explicitly with ensuring sound philosophy of science when
discussing potentially religious matters,
and the misuse of science by both scientists and theologians to
subvert sound naturalism and support spirituality and
Please keep abstracts to 200 words and submit in either .pdf or
.doc format.

DEADLINE: November 4. Send application materials to Mark Tschaepe at

3. Visiting Research Scholar Openings

The Center for Inquiry in Amherst, N.Y. is pleased to announce the
availability of ten "Visiting Research Scholar" openings during the
2008-2009 academic year. These research scholarships provide work
at CFI and lodging in a CFI guest house nearby. Research scholars
obtain travel funds from another source. The minimum residency
must be
at least seven days in length, and may be longer.

Visiting scholars will pursue research relating to CFI's mission and
core research interests, such as philosophical naturalism, secularism
and public policy, humanist ethics, or liberal democracy. The
Center for
Inquiry is the world's foremost not-for-profit organization
devoted to
education about free inquiry, secular humanism, and the naturalistic
worldview. The buildings of the CFI complex total 35,000 square
feet on
7.5 acres. The Center's Libraries hold over 160,000 books, pamphlets,
and periodicals, and the archives and papers of noted
philosophers and
humanists. Scholars will also have access the University at Buffalo's
libraries, which are close to CFI.

Applicants should send a complete cv and a 500 word statement
about the
research planned and the available periods of residency during
2008-2009. Send application materials to Mark Tschaepe at
Visit the Center for Inquiry website at

Mark Dietrich Tschaepe
Naturalism Research Fellow
Assistant to the VP of Research
The Center for Inquiry - Transnational
3965 Rensch Road
Amherst, NY 14228

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